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About Thud

the Thud stone For the very first time there is a Board Game that is unique to DISCWORLD. THUD. A game of Strategy and Skill that combines the magic of DISCWORLD with an entirely unique approach to board game playing.

For more details about the game, and its creators, visit the Thud homepage at You may also find some opponents to play on the forum there.

About ThudBoard

a Dwarf ThudBoard is a computer application that can be used to play Thud battles without using the actual board.

Its main purpose is to facilitate online gaming, where people communicate moves by sending each other board-coordinates. Using the ThudBoard these moves can be carried out, and whole battles can be saved either as a series of moves or as a board position.

Another feature is the fact that multiple battles can be stored, so you can play many games simultaneously without the onerous task of remembering where each individual piece was in this battle you have been playing with your cousin in XXXX over the last few years.

About the rules

a Troll The rules are copyrighted, and as such they are not included in this application. The rules can be found online at the offical Thud site rules page.

About Marc Boeren

the Thud stone Yeah, let's be brief about that :-) I've been writing software for a number of years now, coding in C/C++, PHP, HTML, SQL, whatever else I ran into. I've recently discovered Python and am very happy with it. This is one of the result of this happiness.

You can send me bugreports, enhancement proposals, money, whatever. I will usually react to this, although I cannot garantuee anything.

For more details visit my website at


a Dwarf Use for whatever purpose you want. Modifying and copying can be done with the single restriction that you keep the copyright notice and that you give credit where credit is due.


a Troll This application is not garantueed to do anything, neither is it guaranteed to NOT do anything. Use at your own risk.

About the tools

the Thud stone ThudBoard is written in Python using Tkinter for the user interface. Visit for more information on both.

ThudBoard is packaged as a standalone executable for Microsoft® Windows® using the py2exe tool created by Thomas Heller and Mark Hammond. Take a look at the py2exe homepage).
To make this package into a single-file executable installer Jordan Russell's Software package Inno Setup is used. More information can be found at the jrsoftware Inno Setup page.
For the OS X standalone .app file I used the py2exe equivalent for the Mac, named py2app, and created by Bob Ippolito. It is available from the py2app page.

All these tools are free software. Not only that: they are also very high quality tools that are easy to use. You don't have to trust me on this, as you can easily see for yourself.

Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Marc Boeren

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