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a Troll You only need one of the downloads below. If you don't know what to get, you probably want the English Windows Installer. For more information and instructions on the installation of the Windows and/or source package, read on.

Windows Installer
Note: these have been renamed so they won't execute automatically.
English: ThudBoard-1.8-setup.exe-archive [4 Mb]
Czech: ThudBoard-1.8-cz-setup.exe-archive [4 Mb]
Dutch: ThudBoard-1.8-nl-setup.exe-archive [4 Mb]

Mac OS X package
Note: these have been renamed so they won't execute automatically.
English: ThudBoard-1.8.dmg-archive [4.6 Mb]
Czech: ThudBoard-1.8-cz.dmg-archive [4.6 Mb]
Dutch: ThudBoard-1.8-nl.dmg-archive [4.6 Mb]

Source packages
English: thudboard-1.8.tar.gz [880 kb]
Czech: thudboard-1.8-cz.tar.gz [880 kb]
Dutch: thudboard-1.8-nl.tar.gz [880 kb]

For instructions in different languages, go here:
English download page
Czech download page [maintained by Churchyard] Dutch download page


the Thud stone ThudBoard is available in three forms: a Windows binary installer, a Mac OS X package and a Source package. If you run anything other than Windows or OS X, or if you are interested in how ThudBoard was made, you want the Source package. Otherwise, grap the package for your OS.

Note: ThudBoard is always under construction, so some bugs and irregularities may occur. If you find any of these bugs or irregularities, please email them to, along with the ThudBoard version you are using, the OS (windows, version or otherwise), and a complete description of what happened, what was weird about it and what you expected would happen.
Another note: Feature requests (well described) can be mailed to the same address.

ThudBoard installer for Windows

a Dwarf Download the file, execute it and follow the friendly instructions. After this, you will be able to run ThudBoard and have some great Thud-battles.
You do not have to look at any of the following except if you are curious.

ThudBoard app for Mac OS X

the Thud stone Download the file, if you open it you'll find the inside. Simply drag it to your Applications folder and start it.

ThudBoard Source

a Troll To run the source version of ThudBoard you will need to do some additional work. That is, ThudBoard will only run when Python/Tkinter is installed on your machine. Instructions follow. If you can provide more details for these instructions so the whole 'run from source' procedure is simplified, don't hesitate to email me.

For FreeBSD users: Jan Stocker has kindly provided a ports-package that he claims you know what to do with :-). It has been accepted into the ports tree, so that's where you can find it.

ThudBoard Source Instructions

the Thud stone ThudBoard is developed in Python 2.3 on a Windows box, but it should run on Linux (tested), *BSD (Free- and Open- tested) and Mac (tested) too. The minimum required version of Python is 2.3 since ThudBoard 1.3. ThudBoard includes source code and is completely free, but it is copyrighted. Look at the about section for more info on all of this.

You need to install Python (get it at, about 9Mb). The Windows download already includes the Tkinter graphics package, on the other platforms you may need to install that too (and the accompanying Tcl/Tk packages). Please get at least the 2.3 version of Python. If you have an earlier version you may run into trouble as I haven't tested that. This won't mean it won't work, it just means it may cost you a bit more time to get it to work.

Once you have installed the required packages, you can untar/unzip (don't worry, Winzip does recognize .tar.gz files) ThudBoard to some folder. On Windows you can probably double-click the '' file to start it, on Linux you run ThudBoard from the command-line by typing 'python' (or possibly './', but this may need some tweaks to the environment and/or the executable flags).

I have tested it on my Linux box and it works about as well as it runs on my Windows-machine. I have tested it on Mac OS-X 10.3 and got it to work, but it required a bit of work. I've put up a short HOW-TO about that bit of work on the forums at On OS X 10.4 it should be as easy as installing onder any *nix OS, as Python and Tkinter are preinstalled.

If you have any questions or remarks regarding ThudBoard (not Python or Tkinter please: ask questions about that on comp.lang.python) you can mail me.


Latest release: v-1.8

Actual bugs

Open issues/todo list

Change-log for v-1.8

Change-log for v-1.7

Change-log for v-1.6

Change-log for v-1.5

Change-log for v-1.4

Change-log for v-1.3

Change-log for v-1.2

Change-log for v-1.1

Change-log for v-1.0

Change-log for v-0.9.9

Change-log for v-0.9.8

Change-log for v-0.9.7

Change-log for v-0.9.6

Change-log for v-0.9.5

Change-log for v-0.9.4

Change-log for v-0.9.3

Change-log for v-0.9.2

Change-log for v-0.9.1a

Thanks to John Pagan for pointing out a lot of these things and to Peter Blokland for pointing out some of these things :-).
Also thanks to Jan Stocker for general testing and running it on FreeBSD.

Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Marc Boeren

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